11-13 MAY 2022, Hatay/TURKEY

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15th International IDEA Conference is held by the Department of English Language and Literature in collaboration with the School of Foreign Languages and IDEA (The English Language and Literature Association of Turkey). The conference will be in person. Depending on the pandemic circumstances any possible change will be announced on the website.

Founded in 2004, IDEA is the Turkish national association for English studies. As a member of ESSE (The European Society for the Study of English) IDEA aims at bringing together academics working in the fields of linguistics, literature, language teaching and cultural studies.

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Organising Committee

Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Ayça Vurmay
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fırat Karadaş
Assist. Prof. Dr. Volkan Kılıç
Assist. Prof. Dr. Dilek Altunay
Inst. Dr. Onur Ekler
Inst. Dr. Ömer Faruk Kadan
Inst. Tarık Atalar
Inst. Manolya Harnuboğlu
Res. Assist. Tuba Demirel
Res. Assist. Arzu Düzel Bekler
Res. Assist. Ajda Eren

Academic Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Işıl Baş (İstanbul Kültür University)
Prof. Dr. Himmet Umunç (Başkent University)
Prof. Dr. Gerard Carruthers (University of Glasgow)
Prof. Dr. Carlo Bajetta (Università della Valle d'Aosta)
Prof. Dr. Zekiye Antakyalıoğlu (Gaziantep University)
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Çelikel (Pamukkale University)
Prof. Dr. Deniz Bozer (Hacettepe University)
Prof. Dr. Burçin Erol (Hacettepe University)
Prof. Dr. Belgin Elbir (Atılım University)
Prof. Dr. Berrin Aksoy (Atılım University)
Prof. Dr. Rezzan Kocaöner Silkü (Ege University)
Prof. Dr. Atilla Silkü (Ege University)
Prof. Dr. Leyla Harputlu (Hatay Mustafa Kemal University)
Prof. Dr. Gülşen Sayın (Doğuş University)
Prof. Dr. Nazan Tutaş (Ankara University)
Prof. Dr. Finn Fordham (Royal Holloway University of London)
Prof. Dr. İbrahim Yerebakan (Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University)
Prof. Dr. Nurten Birlik (Middle East Technical University)
Prof. Dr. Huriye Reis (Hacettepe University)
Prof. Dr. Cian Duffy (Lund University)
Prof. Dr. Özlem Uzundemir (Çankaya University)
Prof. Dr. Susana Onega (University of Zaragoza)
Prof. Dr. Mine Özyurt Kılıç (Social Sciences University of Ankara)
Prof. Dr. Hasan Baktır (Erciyes University)
Prof. Dr. Maria Isabel Carrera-Suarez (University of Oviedo)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Robert W. Rix (University of Copenhagen)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gillian Mary Elizabeth Alban (İstanbul Kültür University)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Evrim Doğan Adanur (Fenerbahçe University)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Naz Bulamur (Boğaziçi University)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nil Korkut Naykı (Middle East Technical University)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elif Öztabak Avcı (Middle East Technical University)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. A. Nejat Töngür (Maltepe University)

Plenary Speakers


Prof. Dr. Ünal Aytür

Ünal Aytür graduated from the English Department of Ankara University, where he became a research assistant in 1960. He wrote his doctoral thesis on “Evelyn Waugh’s Satire”. His post doctoral dissertation on “Henry Fielding’s View of Human Nature” enabled him to be promoted to associate professorship. His publications include a book titled Henry James ve Roman Sanatı (Henry James and the Art of the Novel) and articles on Swift, Sterne, Dickens, James, Conrad, E.M.Forster, and Waugh. He translated Forster’s Aspects of the Novel into Turkish, and a selection of Levent Yılmaz’s poems into English (which was published with the title Saturn by the Sheep Meadow Press). His other translations are James’s The Portrait of a Lady, Melville’s Pierre or Ambiguities, Faulkner’s Wild Palms and The Unvanquished (all these with Necla Aytür), Conrad’s Secret Agent, George Eliot’s Middlemarch, and a collection of short stories by Henry James under the title The Siege of London. His translation of thirteen of D.H.Lawrence’s short stories and Novella “The Fox” is going to be published later in 2022.


Professor Peter Boxall

Peter Boxall is Professor of English at the University of Sussex. He has written books on Samuel Beckett, on Don DeLillo, and several books on the novel, including Twenty-First-Century Fiction and The Value of the Novel. His most recent book, The Prosthetic Imagination: A History of the Novel as Artificial Life, came out with CUP in 2020. He has edited a range of work, including a collection on Beckett's politics entitled Beckett / Aesthetics / Politics, a collection on poetry entitled Thinking Poetry (with Peter Nicholls), 1001 Books you Must Read Before you Die, the Cambridge Companion to British Fiction 1980-2018, and a Faber edition of Beckett’s novel Malone Dies. He is also co-editor of Volume 7 of the Oxford History of the Novel (with Bryan Cheyette), editor of the book series 'Cambridge Studies in Twenty-First-Century Literature and Culture', and editor of the UK journal Textual Practice. He has a volume of collected essays forthcoming with CUP entitled The Possibility of Literature, and is currently writing a book on the twentieth-century novel and the current crises in western culture, entitled Fictions of the West.


Professor Carlo M. Bajetta

Carlo M. Bajetta, PhD, FEA, is Professor of English at Università della Valle d'Aosta, Italy, and the President of the Italian Association for the Study of English (AIA). He contributed to The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, the Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature, the Oxford Online Bibliographies, and is a reviewer for the scholarly journal Notes and Queries (OUP). His publications include Sir Walter Ralegh (1998); Whole volumes in folio (2000); Some notes on Printing and Publishing in Renaissance Venice (2000), Shakespearean Readings: Shakespeare, Keats, Shelley (2004, with Luisa Camaiora) and, together with G. Coatalen and J. Gibson, Elizabeth I's Foreign Correspondence: Letters, Rhetoric, and Politics (2014). He has edited R.B. McKerrow’s 1928 Sandars Lectures (Studies in Bibliography, 2000), Wordsworth’s, Shelley’s and Reynold’s 1819 Peter Bell poems (2005), C.S. Lewis’s Letters to Children (2009, Italian ed.) and Thomas More's English Poems (2010, bilingual ed.). His edition of the Italian letters of Elizabeth I was published in 2017 by Palgrave. He is currently working on a biography of Sir Walter Ralegh for Reaktion Books (London), and will be the general Editor, together with Jonathan Gibson, of The Oxford Sir Walter Ralegh.


Professor Zekiye Antakyalıoğlu

Zekiye Antakyalıoğlu is a professor and chair of English Literature at Gaziantep University, Turkey. Her work primarily focuses on the theory of the novel, contemporary fiction, postmodernism, modernism and contemporary literary theory. She is the writer of three books: Stoppardian Drama: Postmodernist and Counter-Postmodernist Attitudes (Verlag, 2009), Roman Kuramına Giriş (Ayrıntı Yayınları, 2013) [An Introduction to the Theory of the Novel] and Bir Düşün Sonu: Milan Kundera Üzerine Bir İnceleme (Can Yayınları, 2017) [The End of a Dream: An Analysis of Milan Kundera’s Works], and the editor of the forthcoming volume titled Post-Theories in Literary and Cultural Studies (to be published by Lexington Books in 2022).


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